Featured Film Photographer: Avi Floyd Cohen

Avi and his Pentax K1000

Avi and his Pentax K1000

This week’s featured film photographer is Avi Flyod Cohen from Israel.

Avi got into the wonderful world of film photography when his dad told him that if he wanted to become a better photographer he should shoot film!

What great advice!

Just like Peter Galgani, who we featured last week, Avi uses a Pentax K1000. He has been using it for the last three years. The K1000 goes with him everywhere.

Girls dig Film.

Girls dig Film.

Avi has travelled around Europe with his K1000 and it’s never disappointed him.  It suits his needs as a photographer and he uses far more than his digital camera.

Suck it and see...

Suck it and see…

I asked Avi a few questions:

Do you only use a Pentax K1000 or do you own/use other film cameras?

I also use others film cameras. I collect film cameras (and use them).
Currently, I own:

  •  Pentax K1000
  • Nikon EL2
  •  Zenit-E ,
  • Canon canonet 28
  • Fed2
  •  Minolta 7s
  • Minolta Dynax 300i
  • Recesky TLR
  • Voigtlander Bessa (folding camera)
  • Braun Gloriette Vero
  • Polaroid sx-70.


I mostly use my Pentax K1000.

 Which photographers, past or present, are you inspired by? 

I am very inspired by Anton Corbijn. I love his works and learn from him a lot. One of the reason I shot BW film is the inspiration from his BW works.

What style of photography do you prefer/admire the most?

Portraits. I think it’s the most interesting thing. People are interesting!

Where do you see yourself heading with your photography?

I really don’t know. In my country it’s very hard to make a living from photography. I love adventures, challenges and photography so I will continue to travel and shoot.

What’s your favourite film?

Colour = Fuji X-tra 400
BW= Kodak T-max 400

 You’ve mentioned your travels a couple of times already, can you describe going around Europe and shooting film with the Pentax K1000?

I love to travel and explore, so every time I take a trip I make sure to bring with me the Pentax K1000 because it’s my favorite camera and I know I will not be disappointed with the results.

My first journey abroad with the K1000 was to Cologne (Germany) and a music festival in Werchter (Belgium ). I can’t describe the fun and the feel of shooting in film while one is aboard, especially when you are at a festival and shooting your favorite bands .The Pentax K1000 didn’t disappoint and I don’t think I would get the same kind of “feel” if I shoot with digital.


Coldplay in Werchter

Coldplay in Werchter


Oasis in Werchter

Oasis in Werchter

England came next and I was more experienced with the camera. All along my travels in England I shot only with my K1000, I find it more challenging and fun.


London Eye Pentax K1000
I found people were more welcoming when I wanted to shoot them with a film camera. I think film photography is making a comeback and so it’s really nice to see young people shooting with film cameras.


The Pentax k1000 served me well in all kinds of situations. I used black and white in North England and colour in London.




Are you working on any projects?
Yes! I’m currently working on a portrait project  about freedom and youth.


Man Playing Guitar
Girl topless
Street Art


You can find more of Avi’s work via:
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