The Benefits of Not Watching TV

I am guilty as charged when it comes to having watched too much TV. Well, I didn’t even own a TV for several years but I was watching movies on my laptop and then I came to the realisation that watching a two hour movie every night is the equivalent of throwing away 1/10th of my life! (It’s an even a greater percentage if you only include waking hours)

The number one excuse for not doing regular exercise is the lack of time. Yet most people watch several hours of television  day. Read on to find out why you shouldn’t watch so much TV…

1) It’s a waste of time! There is no such a thing as idle time! While one person is watching television there is someone else who is studying, working out, exercising or running a business. These people are going places while the person who spend all their “free” time watching TV is going nowhere.
2) Most programmes are complete rubbish. They are dumbed down for the lowest common denominator. If you want to be an average or below person then do what most people do: watch several hours a day. You won’t find successful people sitting in front of the television all evening.
3) It makes you fat. It is far easier to absentmindedly eat far more than you need while you are watching TV. It also doesn’t help that watching TV involves sitting down which isn’t a great calorie burner. On top of that (!) your brain also switches off when you watch TV and your brain is responsible for 20% of your metabolism.
4) Do you really want to influenced by all the adverts which are repeated day in day out? There is a reason why big companies pay big money to have their 30 second slot on TV…it works!  You are far more likely to go and buy junk food after you spend a few hours a day being bombarded with adverts telling you to do so.
5) Live life! Go out with friends, paint, write a song, take a picture, learn a language, learn an instrument, write a book, learn to cook, start a website, educated yourself, do some charity work, do some DIY, do some exercise, explore your city, meet new people…do SOMETHING!
TV and Obesity


I am not saying that watching a bit of television here and there is going to kill you but try to watch quality programmes such as documentaries.  If you watch 40 hours of TV/week you are twice as likely to become obese compared to someone who only watches 1-2 hours of TV/week. For every 2 hours/day you spend in front of the TV your risk  of becoming obese rises 23%!

So, press the off button and get outside and do something!

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  1. says

    I agree with much of that, but there are some programs that I just can’t stay away from! Game of Thrones and Dexter, for example! Having self control and moderation is key, just like nearly everything else in life. A few hours per week shouldn’t be all that troublesome. My advice: Stay away from the major Networks like NBC, CBS, etc. which mostly show junk, and of course, ALL of the reality TV garbage.

    The same thing could probably be said about the internet. With all of its positive uses (yes, there are a few), the internet has certainly dumbed down vast numbers of people.


    • says

      Absolutely, moderation is key. I think the educational potential of television and the internet has not been fully exploited yet but, historically speaking, they are both quite recent inventions.

      Yep, I am quite confused about why reality TV exists…

      Happy Easter Mike!

  2. anthony says

    I not only agree I have limit the amount of hours I watch tv now I have my time for my self and the benefits for myself have been being focus more on myself and family and yes I agree smart people don’t watch tv all day long only poor people I know some poor people and they can tell you every show on TV get your mind back watch less tv GOD BLESS!!!!!!!!!

    • says

      I don’t think it’s about TV making one poor, but I do agree that there is tendency for less educated people to watch more TV. Not 100% sure why that is, but I guess it may have something to do with not being fully aware of all the other possibilities.

      Thanks for commenting,



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