Featured Film Photographer: David Kirby

It’s been a while since we have had a previous featured film photographer so let’s restart this series with a bang. Let me present David Kirby from England and let him tell us about his photography.

Black and White Mountain
I’m Dave, i’m 28 and i live in Preston which is in the northwest of England.  I first got into photography around 3 years ago because my girlfriend (now wife) was a keen photographer.  I thought it would be a nice thing to do together.  I ended up buying a Diana F+ as digital photography didn’t appeal; and soon also acquired a Lubitel, a Holga 120 WPC and some Polaroid cameras.
David Kirby
My main camera is now a Bronica SQ-A kit and i love being able to swap film mid-shoot with it.  I currently have my eye on a technical camera which will allow me to get into lens movements, thus opening up a whole new field of photography.
About a year ago I made a little darkroom in my spare room and there i’m perfectly happy wasting hours away printing and playing with chemicals.  Nothing compares to seeing your image appear on paper for the first time – and the many different permutations possible from each frame of your negative mean that you will never run out of new things to try.
Deserted Corridor
I don’t believe in trashing digital because it does have it’s place, nor do i believe that just shooting film makes you better than digital shooters.  I believe that thoroughly learning about your craft and applying what you learn is important, and so is imagination.  This process of individual growth turns you into the photographer you are, no matter what your medium.
Peaceful lake
For me, though, digital can never replace film.  Shooting film makes me feel more complete, as I see the image through from mental conception to final print.  It is my mind and my hands that manipulate the image from developing the film through to making the final print.  I would
rather do that in the darkroom than on my PC.


Let’s take a look at some more of David’s work:


Girl smelling a flower
Screen Shot 2013-05-27 at 16.14.25
Screen Shot 2013-05-27 at 16.15.30
You can find more of David’s work via:
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